Community Service


Alpha Chi Omega supports the fight against domestic violence and the development and implementation of educational programs and hands-on activities to eliminate domestic violence.

At Alpha Chi Omega's 1992 National Convention, delegates voted to adopt the Support of Victims of Domestic Violence as a national altruistic project. All members, collegiate and alumnae are encouraged to provide service in their community to local shelters or organizations aiding victims of domestic violence. This expression of concern for others, especially women and children, offers a concentrated way for Alpha Chi’s nationwide to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

In addition to raising awareness through the events sponsored by our Chapter, our members also partake in many community service events, and hold fundraisers to raise awareness for other causes as well. Our sisters can always be seen on campus, supporting other Greek organizations’ fundraising and philanthropic efforts. Our sisters can also be found at non-Greek sponsored fundraising and philanthropic events, also.

We hope we have given you an idea of how important community service, fundraising, and philanthropic events are to us. These events and causes truly strengthen the bond that we have, all while giving back to our community!